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Growth Mind Set

Can kids be taught to be more resilient? To see how educators are teaching “grit,” Tovia Smith visits a public school in Brooklyn that’s trying to change attitudes about failure and frustration. Click here to learn more!

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Benefits of bilingualism

Read about the Benefits of Bilingualism

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Guaymi cultural exchange

May 27, 2011, Escuela Verde students enjoyed and participated in a cultural exchange visit from one of Costa Rica’s indigenous groups, the Guaymi. This particular Guyami tribe live about a three hour walk from San Vito, up in the mountains, near the La Amistad National Park which borders Panama.

Six children and six adults came to Uvita for a three day stay. On Friday, our guests came to school to present and explain some aspects of their lives, language and traditional arts and crafts. The Guaymi and Escuela Verde children took part in games, an art activity, and language exchange. It was good fun learning some basic Guyami words and phrases. Likewise the Guyami group seemed to enjoy learning a few foreign words too. Escuela Verde students comprise a total of eight foreign languages, not including English or Spanish.

We hope this is the first of several cultural student exchanges at Escuela Verde.

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The Bilingual Advantage

The Bilingual Advantage
Published: May 30, 2011
Among other benefits, the regular use of two languages appears to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.

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Origami cranes raise funds for Japanese disaster victims

Dear Parents of Escuela Verde,

This week all the children in grade school, meaning from first through fifth grade, participated in an origami project to help raise funds for the disaster victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in NE Japan. For every origami crane the children make, the Bezo family (Amazon) will donate $2 to those in need in Japan. The organization running this project is called Students Rebuild. To learn more about this group, please go to the following link –

The children learned a variety of themes from participating in this project, including current events, the power of natural disasters, conceptual and spatial awareness and much more. My perception was that they ALL very much enjoyed the experience, despite how difficult it was for many of them.

Afterward, most of the children expressed an interest in making more cranes at home but needed instructions on the order of the folds and/or how to make the folds. Below is a link with a demonstration video on how to make an origami crane from Students Rebuild.

I will be collecting origami cranes until next Wednesday, April 6, should you like to make more at home with your children.

Thank you,


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Kindergarten va a terminar a las 2:30 martes y jueves para iniciar clases de ingles 8 febrero. Por favor a recordar a preparar un almuerzo para su nino estes dias. Kinder va terminar a medio dia lunes, miercoles y viernes como siempre.
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Kindergarten English class

Kindergarten will end at 2:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as we will be starting more intensive English on February 8. Please remember to pack a lunch for your child on these days. Kindergarten will end at noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as usual.

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School starts January 26th, 2011

Don’t forget that we have a open house on January 24th, 2011!

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